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Superheroes - EP - Reviewed


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Edguy - Superheroes EP :::::::::4/5

Once again the boys from Germany do not disappoint. They are back with more humorous and insightful lyrics to go with their catchy riffs, excellent musicianship and traditional German power metal influences. Anyone into classy, melodic, power metal with a sense of humor should check out this EP.

SUPERHEROES - is a great, lighthearted up-beat song with a catchy chorus. This toe-tapping mid-tempo song may not be the heaviest but certainly energizes the listener and is a fun song to start the EP. It also makes another over the top and hilarious video on the DVD!… Bunnies!!!
SPOOKS IN THE ATTIC - is a faster paced song with a happy sing-a-long chorus and typical humorous lyrics.
BLESSING IN DISGUISE - is an emotional and more serious slow ballad type song with atmospheric and powerful overtones.
JUDAS AT THE OPERA - welcomes the return of Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween) to work with Tobias in a heavy fast paced and catchy mini-epic that has some Queenish influences. The song has great harmony solos to open and close the track as well as mid-song solos by Jens & Dirk.
THE SPIRIT (Magnun cover) - A cover in typical Edguy fashion.
SUPERHEROES (Epic version) - aka Acoustic and drama filled piano version.

This is a wonderful step to the much-anticipated release for their new full-length album ROCKET RIDE and once again shows that you must pick up Edguy's EPs or your missing out.

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