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Place Vendome



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Place Vendome - s/t ::::: 5/5

This is basically a collective effort put together by Frontiers Records' president Serafino Perugino. The band is made up of Michael Kiske, Pink Cream 69 and Vandenplas members. The songs were composed by Dennis Ward who also produced the album. This album was labeled AOR as it came out and I think it does fit this genre. It has been described as melodic rock like Journey and Foreigner in basic style. Once again Kiske vocals are powerful and exciting and the song writing of Ward is top notch. Warning: this is not a metal album, this album continues Kiske's journey away from Helloween and heavy metal, but the strength and conviction that many of us that love Kiske is most certainly here.

1- CROSS THE LINE - is the heaviest song on the album. Right off this song reminds me of Whitesnake mixed with that AOR style of the over all album.
2- I WILL BE WAITING - is a laid-back passion filled rock song with a soaring chorus.
3- TOO LATE - is another laid back softer rock song that Kiske sings with passion and conviction?
4- I WILL BE GONE - is a bit harder showing a more power rock feel with that AOR chorus.
5- THE SETTING SUN - is atmospheric ballad with baking vocals and a melodic solo.
6- PLACE VENDOME - is lively rock track with catchy bridges and chorus riffs.
7- HEAVENS DOOR - Slow ballad song, with a peaceful feel.
8- RIGHT HERE - is a pop rock feeling song.
9- MAGIC CARPET RIDE - is a perfect example of an AOR song from start to finish this song kicks arse. Totally reminds me of Journey.
10- SIGN OF THE TIMES - is one of the heavier songs that pounds in a hard rock style with great melodies and chorus lines. The backing vocals make this song even better.

Overall this is a great melodic rock album and quite a surprise that this metal fan liked it as much as I did. I think this is the best AOR/Hard rock album of 2005! Michael Kiske fans will not be let down with this CD, run and buy this one!

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